The countdown

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I have shared this little video of some of our potted plants which, like me, are waiting to be moved to more permanent soil.

The countdown to our house move is now past the one month mark, and about 90% of our things are currently in boxes, making the place a maze of cardboard. I can’t wait to get to the new house so I can unpack and rearrange it all.

It’s exhausting, but also oddly addictive – once you start packing, you can’t stop filling those boxes. Please wish us luck as we go through this process once again… and, oh, also wish us many peaceful years at our new home. I really don’t feel like doing this again anytime soon.


Unclogging Drains

kitchen sink

You know those times when you’re washing dishes and the water drains just a little bit slowly in the sink, and you’re trying to deny it and say, “oh, it’s probably nothing”? Well, don’t do that, because you might just find yourself with a fully clogged drain before you know it! Treat the problem while it’s manageable.

Read more in my latest Mother Earth News post:

“The simplest and most obvious thing is prevention: try not to let your drains get mucky in the first place. Clean plates thoroughly before placing them in the sink, especially plates with lots of fatty/oily residue, and try to catch hair and other gunk before it slides down your bathroom drain.”

On a more serious note, my thoughts right now are with Bruce and Carol McElmurray, who have fled from wildfires in their area in Southern Colorado and left their beloved mountain cabin behind. Bruce and Carol and their dogs are safe, but they might never return to their home. I’m crossing my fingers and hoping for a miracle. I’m sure they will appreciate your prayers.