Enjoying some rest


The house has been scrubbed, my hands were sore and raw, and the kitchen was sparkling clean on the night before erev Pesach when we overhauled everything to make matzo from scratch (a feat I could personally have dispensed with, but which my husband insisted on trying at least once). Three exhausting hours later, I went to bed to wake up to a busy day of cooking for the seder.

DSC_1233However, as Pesach just can’t come without some surprise to brighten up my life, I discovered that the cat has snuck into the house and had her kittens. In my kids’ bunk bed. On top of the clean sheets. I was desperately exhausted and extra laundry was about the last thing I needed, but who can be angry with such cuteness?


Now that I have gotten back into the swing of crocheting, the days of chol hamoed (the Pesach week) feel a little empty with the prohibition of crafts and drawing. I compensate myself by braiding my daughters’ hair.

The weather is lovely, and I intend to be very, very lazy for the next few days.


Author: Anna

An Orthodox Jewish wife and mother enjoying a simple life with her family and chickens, somewhere in the hills, in Israel.

12 thoughts on “Enjoying some rest”

    1. My husband was the main matzo-maker; I was just the assistant. I don’t know how one person can make matzo alone; the time frame is too tight and used dishes need to be cleaned every few minutes to remove every chance of leaven.


      1. Not really – should be 18 minutes from start to finish, but it’s still not easy to get the whole process going simultaneously with the kneading, baking and constant washing up.


    1. Yes, but not in a long, long time! I’ve always braided their hair, but now that we live here and so many of our new friends have afro hair, we’ve had the chance to see some amazing hairstyles.


  1. Well, you certainly have earned a good rest!! I did not get things all clean…but sometimes life has other more pressing things one must do (helping with daughter’s family). But we did get to share a bit of our simple Passover fare with them the next day…so that was unexpected and good (she does not believe at this point…long story). Maybe next year we will invite them to come and try to have a short enough Haggadah that the children will be ok with that. We will take every bit of good that comes!! We are enjoying eating Matzoh this week…gluten free here, which actually tastes better than the gluten kind!! Charoset turned out extra yummy too…found some very nice apples on sale even beforehand (so glad such things store well!!)

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