Dreams of Lace Crochet Dress


I decided to pull out all stops and make a really fancy little dress for Hadassah, but not something so excessively frilly it would get in her way. The result was this lovely, airy summer dress meant to be worn over a short onesie. I really like the color combination of white, black and different hues of purple, though it was originally the result of not having enough white yarn.

Material: thin cotton thread yarn, suitable for making lacy patterns. Crochet hook number 1-1.5.

Top pattern: top to bottom square neckline buttoned raglan.

Skirt design by Valentina Litvinova, with slight modifications.

Yes, it did take a pretty long time to make, but honestly, not as long as I thought it would! I was genuinely concerned Hadassah would need a larger size by the time I completed it, but it worked quicker than I had expected, and I’m really happy and looking forward to seeing her wear it.


View from the back: a row of vintage buttons.


Author: Anna

An Orthodox Jewish wife and mother enjoying a simple life with her family and chickens, somewhere in the hills, in Israel.

14 thoughts on “Dreams of Lace Crochet Dress”

  1. It’s beautiful! Hee hee, yes sometimes when we run out of yarn, make a mistake, etc.and have to make changes it actually turns out better than it would have been.

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  2. That is simply gorgeous! I do know the feeling of having children outgrow clothing before you finish it. We have two granddaughters born three weeks apart, and I made them matching dresses. The girls had outgrown them before I was done, and I never did bother to complete them. If you know anybody who needs pink flowered dresses with cross-stitch teddy bears on the yolk . . .

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