Spring, an exciting thing

I spent some time in the garden this morning (while I really should have been getting the house in order for Pesach, but never mind) and as you can see, the sage is in full bloom and the first beans are hopefully poking their heads up.

My tomato seedlings look a bit puny,but I hope they will improve as we get more sunlight hours.

Moreover, we already have our first two broodies of the season! So hoping for some chicks soon.


Our neighbor’s dog has had a litter of puppies. My kids are delighted. Here you can see the mother dog looking on intently (but not at all in a hostile manner) as Israel is gently touching one of her babies.


Author: Anna

An Orthodox Jewish wife and mother enjoying a simple life with her family and chickens, somewhere in the hills, in Israel.

7 thoughts on “Spring, an exciting thing”

  1. Shavua tov Anna:

    That is great that you have some herbs and veggies coming in already there! You must live in the southern portion of Yisra’el? Where we live, we have had some days of all day sun and warm temps in the 70’s but then a few days later we got snow overnight! The next day it was only in the upper 50’s but still melted the snow! We haven’t had our last freeze here yet. I hate having to wait until the end of April or first part of May before I can ever plant! Some are already harvesting in May, their early crops!

    This is why my hubby is going to construct a greenhouse for us out of PVC piping, tie rods and heavy plastic sheathing. We have enough rocks on the property that we could build a rock wall that faces the South. (So it would be it’s Northern wall). This we would come off of with the PVC and the Plastic sheathing. This way during the hot sun of the day time, the rocks can soak up the heat and then at night, it can release the warmth out of the rocks back into the greenhouse to keep temps up above at least mid 40’s so nothing freezes or gets too cold and stunts it’s growth.

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  2. Shalom Anna, Sherri, and everybody!

    Just found this website about DIY, off grid living and gardening etc. Overall, this site is mainly for the “Doomsday Preppers” (so you may not want to look over the entire website. However, under their blog
    for “Gardening” there is a blog on…….Sherri, YOU Will Especially Like This Living In Canada!!!*** A Blog on:
    “Growing Potatoes Indoors”!!!

    The exact page of that particular article on “Growing Potatoes Indoors” is here below. Anna, if it is not OK to post a website on here, then just delete this, it won’t hurt my feelings…

    http://www.offthegridnews.com/survival-gardening-2/how-to-grow-potatoes-indoors-using-straw/ There are

    a few other articles in this section on “Gardening” that are pretty good tips! Hope it’s ok to post this and hope that you all enjoy these tips!



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