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Your Own Hands: Self Reliant Projects for Independent Living 

Many would like to take a step towards becoming more self-reliant but don’t know where to begin. Others are theoretically interested in the idea but aren’t sure it’s realistic. In this book I aimed to outline some of the steps that can be taken by people wishing to reduce their dependence on mass production and paid services. Your Own Hands features an array of topics from keeping livestock and home maintenance to discussing sustainable communities and alternative economy. 206 pages.

Readers say: “This book is so easy to read and has a lot of good info whether you want to homestead or not. There are instructions about making candles and other good stuff. The way Anna writes makes you feel as though you are sitting across from her sharing a conversation and a cup of tea! Highly recommended reading.”

” Exceptionally well written and covered all the points of basic homesteading in detail and easy to understand. If people who want to homestead read only one book on the subject they would be wise to read yours. Well done.”

“Your Own Hands – Self-Reliant Projects for Independent Living” would be what I consider to be an absolute fantastic book for new homesteaders. Whether you are just beginning your homesteading path or have been homesteading for a long time, this book will give you inspiration in spades.”

Available on Amazon and Payhip. Note: for my non-fiction books, I use two platforms: Amazon (for print and Kindle versions) and Payhip, which is for PDF format only. If you don’t mind PDF, my preference is always for making sales via Payhip, as it only takes a tiny commission compared to Amazon and the payments are instantly delivered to my PayPal account, unlike Amazon, which pays quarterly. For this reason the prices in my Payhip store will always be lower than for Kindle. Thank you for your consideration! 



The Practical Homemaker’s Companion

There are plenty of homemaking and homesteading books and e-books out there; my aim, therefore, was to create something intensely practical and concise, a short and to the point collection of homemaking advice which I have found to be truly applicable and useful over the years. Included: inspiration and encouragement for simple living, cutting costs in creative ways, reducing your grocery and utility bills, home educating on a budget, gardening, raising small livestock and much more! 122 pages.

Available on Amazon and Payhip.

Readers’ reviews:

“It is wonderful! I really enjoyed it and I know the girls will, too.”


Nurturing Hands


This book is a compact collection of bite-sized holistic health-related advice. Includes sections on wholesome nutrition, natural birth, breastfeeding, attachment parenting, and health-promoting kitchen tips. 134 pages.

Available on Amazon and Payhip.


The Basic Guide to Backyard Livestock

The Basic Guide to Backyard Livestock: A compact guide on poultry and goats for the small-scale homesteader by [Twitto, Anna]

A manual on raising poultry and goats in one’s backyard that will take the small homesteader one more step up the ladder of self-sufficiency. Contains lots of practical, tried-and-true advice accumulated by the author over the years, complete with illustrative photographs and neatly arranged charts for enhanced clarity. 127 pages.

Readers say: “The bulk of this useful book is a guide to raising poultry, with the last, shorter section devoted to goats. Since the author is Jewish, the book deals with kosher animals, and does not contain info on, say, pigs and rabbits.”

Available on Amazon and Payhip.

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