Under the weather

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It has been windy, rainy, dreary and cold (yes, I can hear you folks in the northern states and Canada laughing all the way to here) and, to top it all off, the kids and I have a nasty cough. I have been up with poor little Hadassah half the night, doing my best to help her cough up phlegm. So today is officially dedicated to being under the blankets, snuggling and nursing her. I’ve put everything else aside. Please remind me to get out of the house when the sun shines again and I can comfortably work in the garden without wearing a jacket.

For now I feel like I’d be more than happy to spend the next couple of months at home, drinking gallons of tea, reading books, baking cookies, doing crafts and playing board games with the kids. I guess it’s probably a matter of time before cabin fever hits, but for now we’re all snug and cozy.

An exciting event I’m preparing for is the release of my first ever children’s book, Dragon Diplomacy, which is going to take place early next year. I actually first wrote this book just for my children’s enjoyment, without the thought of publishing it at all, but it has been such a big hit around here that the girls have been pestering me for a long time, saying “You should publish this, Mom. Everyone will love it.” So I took the leap, did a whole bunch of revision, and am now counting the days till its launch into the world.

Now please excuse me while I grab a tissue and make another cup of tea …


Author: Anna

An Orthodox Jewish wife and mother enjoying a simple life with her family and chickens, somewhere in the hills, in Israel.

10 thoughts on “Under the weather”

  1. Mercy…do take care. Wish I was closer as I would bring over some chicken soup made with bone broth, garlic, and broccoli and whatever else veggies…used to make that often for sick folk when we lived where we had more folks in our acquaintance. Do take care!! Esp. with baby!! Hope your book does well, dear!!

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  2. I hope you all feel better soon! Hee hee, yes I live in California and I’m sure someone from Minnesota would laugh at our “winter”, but it feels cold to us!

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  3. Wandering around in your robe and slippers sounds great! We all need a Pajama Day every once in a while, even if we’re not feeling icky. It’s only in the 40s here (8-C) but it is raining and simply feels AWFUL. Yes, grab a blanket and a cuppa, and settle in.
    I really do hope you all feel better soon – a nursing baby with a stuffy nose is rough on both of you.


    1. Thank you. Last night and today was rough. Hadassah seems to be doing better, but Tehilla and Israel went to bed feeling worse than before. So I guess tomorrow we’ll have plenty of tea and downtime with books and puzzles. Wednesday is Israel’s birthday and I hope he feels better by then.


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