Sunny days


It hardly seems fair that the weather should be so enticing when all we seem to do lately is dig into kitchen drawers, refrigerators and closet shelves, and clean, clean, clean.

My husband suggested that we all take a break and make a little day trip to the Kinneret. We now live relatively close to this largest lake of Israel.


With the latest rains, the Kinneret has reached far beyond its usual borders, almost covering these reeds that grew along what used to be the bank.


Though the water was too chilly to our liking to dip in, Israel enjoyed a refreshing splash. I think he looks a little like Tarzan in this photo!


Hadassah, in the meantime, was occupied by some interesting-looking pebbles.

It was such a lovely afternoon that I wish I could have taken about a thousand more pictures to preserve its beauty, but I know it would still not have been enough.

In the meantime, we’re working extra hard in preparation for the Pesach holiday, which takes place next week, and also, in between, trying to subdue the enormous jungle of weeds that sprang up in our garden.

This is the first crop of my husband’s container potatoes – digging for them was a real treasure hunt for the kids:



Author: Anna

An Orthodox Jewish wife and mother enjoying a simple life with her family and chickens, somewhere in the hills, in Israel.

4 thoughts on “Sunny days”

    1. We just put them in a deep, well-drained bucket with holes in the bottom. We first fill the bucket with potting soil mix about 1/3 deep, and then keep stacking and layering soil as the potatoes emerge, to encourage growth of more tubers.


  1. Lovely photos…such a beautiful area too!! Glad you took the break. And amazing how nice those potatoes look…seems not so long for them to be in the ground to be that size too!! I know they will taste super too…all the veggies and fruit we ate in Israel was the best I ever tasted!!

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    1. I’ve found that everything we grow ourselves always tastes amazing!

      I love our new area. It’s so lush and fertile, and we have all the beautiful attractions of the Galilee right at our fingertips.


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