Spring is coming

One of our pullets enjoying some fresh greens.

With the days getting longer and warmer, and everything around lush and green after abundant rains, it’s probably the most beautiful time of the year. It’s also the one I hate the most.

From last week: Oznei Haman, the traditional Purim cookies.

Never mind the odd shapes. You know what this means, right? Purim is behind us and Pesach is ahead. A time of chaos and stress in so many Jewish households.

I’ve struggled with this time of the year so long. I’ve tried to embrace it. But now I’m finally done pretending and can say with total honesty – I hate Pesach prep.

I hate what it does to my schedule. I hate that it makes me miss out on beautiful healthy outdoor time at the loveliest season of the year. I hate that it makes me brush my children aside. I hate the exhaustion and rumbling stomach from not having time to cook. I hate having to overhaul my kitchen twice in one week: all-year to Pesach dishes and back again.

I do what is probably considered less than the bare minimum in most Jewish households. And yet for me, it’s always too much.

So I’m done trying to find something nice about this period of intense cleaning. I’ll just mark the end of Pesach in the calendar and wait eagerly for the time when I can get my life back.


Author: Anna

An Orthodox Jewish wife and mother enjoying a simple life with her family and chickens, somewhere in the hills, in Israel.

4 thoughts on “Spring is coming”

  1. Spring cleaning of any sort is always a bear, but at least Gentiles aren’t under a time crunch. Can you hire somebody to come in and lend a hand? I guess every other Jewish homemaker in the area is doing the same hammer, and a Gentile wouldn’t necessarily do the job the way it should be done. Are the children old enough to pitch in? They need to learn how to do this, anyway. Does your husband work with you?

    The Squire always insists he is doing things *with* me. He gets annoyed when somebody says he is “helping” with whatever project it is. He says “I live here, too. Those are my clothes as well as hers. Where is it written it’s always *her* job?” I really am a lucky lady!

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    1. Wow, the Squire sounds like a real prince!
      I might hire someone to wash the windows and deep clean the bathroom. Nobody can really arrange my kitchen, etc. The kids will sort their stuff. The hubs works overtime at this period but will help moving heavy pieces like the fridge and stove.
      We’ll get through this like every year, I guess.


  2. heavy cleaning is always to be dreaded, and especially in nice weather! I wish I could say something that would help, but all I can come up with is, I sympathize!!!
    And by the way – my husband has never helped with anything in the house.

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