An update and a book review

First off, I would like to thank all the amazing people who left me comments and private messages following my last post. We are slowly coming to terms with the tragedy, and I was finally able to sleep a whole night. Above all, I’m praying for strength for my poor friend and her children, and for wisdom for our government, who must finally wake up and understand that the only way to increase its citizens’ safety is by harsh measures and an unapologetic stance, rather than by finessing and beating around the bush and PC talk.

In the sleepless nights that have been my share this past week, I’ve been reading John Seymour’s The Complete Book of Self-Sufficiency. There’s nothing to take one’s mind off things like reading about malting or raising goats. Though much of the information in there will never be relevant for us (such as anything that has to do with raising pigs and rabbits), I’m loving the book; it’s the ultimate, most well-rounded and practical DIY guide to all things a homesteader, on whatever scale, might need, from tilling land to baking bread, from building fences to raising and managing livestock, and everything in between. Sure, it branches off into chapters that have enough fodder for specialized books on their own, and the savvy reader can find manuals that focus on, say, just animals (such as, for instance, my The Basic Guide to Backyard Livestock, and other, more detailed works) but it’s the best introductory condensed guide to self-sustainability I’ve read so far.


Author: Anna

An Orthodox Jewish wife and mother enjoying a simple life with her family and chickens, somewhere in the hills, in Israel.

4 thoughts on “An update and a book review”

  1. Hallo Anna,Cheered by your review on this John Seymour book.He writes well.I had two of his books,only one is left on my bookshelf.It would be great to have this one included..yaah might have it futurely.Once again,I sympathize with Israel in their struggle to survive..Not only that my late mom Agness Rachel loved this people.Sad about your friend.Some people do not know God’s love.Any old Hebrew English bible or Hebrew English translation,kindly mail it to me at my Mail Box address.Toda,Peter Mbewe,P.O.Box 39246,Lusaka 10101,Zambia.

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  2. glad you were able to escape into a bit of peace with this book , just caught up with your last post, praying for all .Even tragedies that are across the ocean seem closer .

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