After the rain

We’ve had some lovely refreshing rain here lately, and all our plants are looking so invigorated (as are we). Is there anything nicer than stepping out after a rain and breathing in all the fresh smells of earth and grass?


We have a huge mango tree that provides delicious shade and, hopefully, will bear fruit this season.


My big, beautifully propagating aloe plant.


And flowers that are finally beginning to show some color.



Author: Anna

An Orthodox Jewish wife and mother enjoying a simple life with her family and chickens, somewhere in the hills, in Israel.

8 thoughts on “After the rain”

  1. We live in Alberta,Canada and it is winter here with snow and and about 4 C (which is not cold for us yet). . There is nothing growing green here other than our evergreen trees which stay green year round.

    Your garden looks so great and tp have a mango tree—wonderful!

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  2. How odd to see an aloe plant outdoors! Here in the States that is something you keep on the kitchen window sill where it will stay warm, get some sun, and be handy to put on burns. I suppose I could put mine outside in the summer – it just never occurred to me.

    Keep an eye on that funny little purple plant, so we can see what it grows up to be.

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  3. So glad the rain came…hope some comes along every so often now…it is so important there!! We live where there can be too much…but of the last few years, it has been rather a drought so now we welcome rain too!!

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