Busy as bees


Lately, I challenged myself: instead of fiddling with my phone whenever I have a spare moment, what if I whip out the crochet hook and work on some little project? The result: surprisingly quickly, I completed this adorable (if I do say so myself) tiny dress for Hadassah. It’s made of yak wool blend similar to this one and is very soft to the touch, cozy and warm.

I didn’t follow an exact pattern, but I can say that I started working from the waist up on the front half, then went back to work from the waist down on the skirt, and in the end stitched front and back halves together on the sides.

Also take a look at this latest little video on my YouTube channel: honeybees busy at work on the mustard flowers in our garden. With a nice sunny spell, we’ve finally been able to do some weeding (not enough) and planting (somewhat haphazardly).



Author: Anna

An Orthodox Jewish wife and mother enjoying a simple life with her family and chickens, somewhere in the hills, in Israel.

10 thoughts on “Busy as bees”

  1. I have seen mustard flowers all over the place and had no idea what they were! You’ve inspired me to send you pictures of flora where I live and have you identify them if you can.

    Also, that last closeup of the bee and the flower showed what looked like seeds in the middle. Or are they buds waiting to flower?

    Hodesh Adar Alef tov umevorah!
    Happy new month of Adar Alef!

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    1. Hava, I’m afraid I don’t know the names of most local flowers 😁 I happened to know this is mustard because I sowed these myself.

      What you see at the end of the video are buds. Mustard seeds come in pods, like peas (but smaller of course). I’ll try to take photos of that next time.

      Hodesh tov!


  2. Aw…crocheting things…or sewing things for the kiddies…I did a fair amount of that when mine were young too!! Do you use mustard seed much? Or maybe the leaves?

    One of my close friends has just begun attending the one synagogue in her area of this state and those people are so kind to her!!! I am so happy about this!! Neither of us were raised Jewish…though my hubby and I converted a few years ago, and my friend has been listening to online rabbis for some time now…so far no place near us that we find what we are looking for…but perhaps it will come eventually (right now still too busy most days due to the awful situation our daughter and her children are in). The Chabad rabbi checks on us from time to time however. Which is nice of him. We surely have hopes for better things soon!!

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    1. Dear Elizabeth, we grow mustard mainly for the young leaves, which are wonderful in salads and soups.

      So happy to hear that you are in touch with someone from Chabad. These people are basically a Jewish network of light spread throughout the world.


      1. It’s quite simple, really – I pick the freshest, tenderest leaves, roughly chop them, and toss into salad; or, if used in cooking, add to the pot 5 minutes before the pot had finished simmering.


  3. Just over a year ago my wife had appendicitis followed by pneumonia and was in bed for quite a while. After a few days she said to me β€œI’m sick of Candy Crush and all these other time wasting acitivites! Get me some wool!” Since then she has crocheted beanie hats for herself and her friends, mittens, pullovers, and blankets for the children and grandchildren of our friends, one of which is currently keeping a baby warm during the cold of the Jerusalem winter. What a great acitivity to undertake, and what a pleasure to give someone a gift made by hand! It’s a lesson I’m trying to take on myself.

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