Little gifts


I’m not a big fan of prickly pears, but I do love the large, bright flowers. A tiny short-lived miracle that one just has to enjoy while it lasts.


Another piece of beauty from one of our afternoon walks: this little ladybug on a flower. My children always enjoy letting these little guys crawl over their hands and fingers until they inevitably fly away.


A pile of fresh, juicy lemons from the very generous tree of our lovely neighbor, Jocelyn. Just think of all the jugs of refreshing lemonade we can make from these.

We’ve had a terrible heat wave yesterday and today and I’m extremely thankful for the blessing of air conditioning, because otherwise I literally don’t know how we would be able to breathe. The outdoors were such a furnace that I felt my eyes start to water from the heat as soon as I walked out to water my poor plants. I hope you’re enjoying pleasanter weather, wherever you are.


Author: Anna

An Orthodox Jewish wife and mother enjoying a simple life with her family and chickens, somewhere in the hills, in Israel.

4 thoughts on “Little gifts”

  1. Mercy…heat does me in too!! I think too many of my DNA must come from more Northern places!! It is warm here…for here in the NW…but nothing like you describe!! I am so glad you have AC…we have lived in places that were purely ovens!! (N. Carolina)!!

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  2. We have a flower in America similar to that big yellow one. Ours is white, with one tiny dark red spot. The common name is Queen Anne’s lace.

    The heart just about wipes me out, too. A friend and I were discussing if we could do without indoor plumbing or air conditioning. We opted to forego the plumbing!

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