The predators are still around

It has been a while since I’ve last written for Mother Earth News, but here is my latest post about the predators we are still dealing with, despite having moved to a different area:

“When we moved from out in the boonies to a small town and started our new little flock of urban chickens, I thought we’d have an easier life where predators were concerned. Foxes, the bane of our chicken’s existence for years, were left behind, as were hawks and owls.”

Meanwhile, we are still in floods of rain, with my poor little garden quite floated and us cooped up inside – comfortably enough, thankfully, with lots of cozy snuggle-and-read time, crafts, and tea.


Author: Anna

An Orthodox Jewish wife and mother enjoying a simple life with her family and chickens, somewhere in the hills, in Israel.

5 thoughts on “The predators are still around”

  1. We had chickens in town a couple years, so the girls could do 4-H. We also had dogs!! Who knew to not bother our chickens…so both got along ok in our back yard…and no predators came around. We had a pet door so the dogs could go in an out as they pleased. One of them, who always woke me up whenever she wanted to go out and the pet door was closed (while we slept at night)…came twice and woke up my husband…she knew what she was doing. There was an idiot out trying to damage our car and after my husband chased off the guy, he/they never returned…though they did damage other cars on our street. Sometimes having a good, smart dog helps. That dog was mostly blue heeler (Australian cattle dog) and a bit of border collie. WAY smarter than average. She lived to please us. We had her during some of the worst years of our lives…she was an angel with fur on…I don’t know if I could have made it without her loyalty, love and entertainment!!

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  2. Our brother-n-law has chickens and has a problem with fixes. He’s never mentioned any other pests, but he isn’t trying for chicks, only egg production. He has to keep his hens in the coop most of the time, only letting them out in mid-morning and late afternoon – under supervision.

    We used to have a dog who went after our neighbors chickens, and as much as we hated to do it, we had to have him put down. You simply can’t break them of it once they start. It’s a shame, but there you are.

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    1. You are right – we used to have a dog like that as well, which I had begged my husband to rehome, but a snake bite occurred first… There are some deadly snakes out there. It also depends on the breed of the dog, I think. Some breeds are just not very good around poultry while others can be excellent guardians.


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