A temporary crisis


Have I already mentioned this is not my favorite season?

After weeks of cold, rain, mud, being unable to poke our noses outside, and a series of colds, three of my children were finally diagnosed with strep throats and started a course of antibiotics, and now thankfully they are feeling much better.

After that, I did a throat culture as well, but it hasn’t come back yet and I’m so much recovered that even if it turns out I had had strep too, I think taking antibiotics now would kind of miss the point.

Anyway, the frustration of being cooped up has gotten so bad that as soon as the rain stopped this morning, we were out, equipped with coats and rubber boots, to wade through the little stream flowing near our home.

It’s probably the coldest day of the year today, but the days are getting longer and, I’m crossing my fingers and hoping, will soon get warmer. I know the folks shoveling snow up north will think us a bunch of spoiled ninnies, but we’re not used to cold, and Israeli houses generally don’t have effective central heating.

It’s amazing how much better it felt to have been able to spend even a short while outside. I hope for many more opportunities for outdoorsy stuff in the near future.

In the meanwhile, stay snug and warm, and don’t forget to make yourself a cup of cold weather tea – homemade chai masala mix or ginger, cloves and lemon are a synergistic combination.

I’m going to cook a big pot of lentil soup this afternoon. Plenty of onions, potatoes, squash and celery… Mmm… Can almost smell it!

Hope everyone is having a lovely cozy day.


Author: Anna

An Orthodox Jewish wife and mother enjoying a simple life with her family and chickens, somewhere in the hills, in Israel.

8 thoughts on “A temporary crisis”

  1. I have lentil soup simmering on the stove right now. 🙂 Thanks for the tea tip. We live near Vancouver, Canada and the rainy season has returned after a brief snowy spell.

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  2. Maybe a nice radient heater that you could place in the room during the day might keep your place a bit more warm…maybe it costs too much…but in our families we have often opted for using one and keeping the thermostat lower…hope the weather warms up soon. Soup is always a nice choice!!

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  3. “Cabin fever” is a real thing. Sometimes, just going around and opening the windows, then running around again and shutting them will get enough fresh air into the house to make you feel better, without sending the heating bill through the roof.

    We’ve been experimenting with different kinds of soup recently. I’ll send you recipes for White Bean soup, and Red Bell Pepper soup. Quick and easy. And cheap!


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  4. Just popping in to catch up on what you are writing ..if the strep thing becomes a problem ( as it did for us when the girls were little) the pediatrician mentioned a study that dogs are strep carriers …2 families of neighbor children also were caught in the strep go ’round with our kids , for months , and when we treated our kids and DOGS with antibiotics strep completely cleared up ….good information if you start having on going trouble with it ..dogs show no symptoms by the way .

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