Finally, warmer weather


We’re finally enjoying some fine, warmer and drier weather, and I’m taking advantage of it to clear the yard, plant some seeds, and hang out with our chickens (the wooden bed frame you see in the picture is supposed to be used as part of a fence eventually).


We’re also being spoiled by lots of beautiful, delicious colorful eggs (collected a great many more since this picture was taken).


I made another dragonfly crochet pullover. These are so easy and fun to make that I might try another one in toddler size too.


A beautiful rose. I love the hues. Wish I could plant a bush like that around here.

In between, I’m also getting addicted to this YouTube channel. The unique and beautiful tiny houses are so inspiring. Not sure I’d agree to live full-time in some of those, but as retreats they would be charming. Pop over to have a look if you have some spare time.


Author: Anna

An Orthodox Jewish wife and mother enjoying a simple life with her family and chickens, somewhere in the hills, in Israel.

5 thoughts on “Finally, warmer weather”

  1. On youtube, there is a family in Arizona who have made a similar type house/many roomed for each kid (grown up kids) have a room/house of their own…interesting folks. Thanks for sharing this…we are too old, but if we were younger, we might tackle some such!!

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  2. The idea of a Tiny Home is intriguing, but I have too many “treasures” that I simply can’t bring myself to leave behind. I’m a “Registered Hoarder” – a single dinner serving from the school I attended, my dad’s pocket watch, my wedding dress. . . And there’s no place to leave things out. I can’t cut out a dress pattern and get it finished without scattering it all over the house! A jigsaw puzzle? What about my dollhouses?

    But you’re right; it would be nice for a retreat, or maybe a short vacation, but not a forever home.

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    1. I guess it would work for some people. Probably not for me either, not to that extent, but I do have fantasies of a more compact, efficient space.


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