First rainy day

Rain has been a bit late to come this year, but today it fully made up for its tardiness. It poured and poured, and I was overjoyed we had taken the time to enjoy the lovely cooling weather the day before – because today, there was no poking one’s nose out of doors.

Being shut up at home made everyone get crafty. Shira whipped up this little red back warmer for one of our kittens.

Meanwhile, I improvised these cinnamon twists, sorted clothes, pulled coats, boots and umbrellas out of storage, and got the closet shelves ready for the season.

I know that some of my overseas friends are already shoveling snow, but my kids had been running around barefoot up until yesterday.

At some point, I will probably get tired of muddy boots, damp and the indoors, but for now I’m enjoying the change of seasons.


Author: Anna

An Orthodox Jewish wife and mother enjoying a simple life with her family and chickens, somewhere in the hills, in Israel.

6 thoughts on “First rainy day”

  1. We live in Maryland, just outside of Baltimore, and the weather here has been absolutely delightful. It got into the upper-70s (21-C) several times, and the nights are cool enough for sleeping. Don’t need the heat or the air conditioning, which does wonders for the old family budget. It should be between 12 and 15-C all week. Well, Wednesday may only be 7-C, going down to freezing overnight. THAT might make me turn on the furnace!

    I love the kitten’s back warmer; I’m surprised the cat hasn’t made it obvious she’d rather sit in Shira’s lap. Our big old tom cat runs upstairs every night and curls up between The Squire and me. As long as he sleeps and doesn’t decide to take one of his two-hour baths, he’s welcome to stay. Too much snick-snick, slurp-slurp will get him tossed unceremoniously into the hallway.

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      1. We try to keep Eddie inside – not that we always succeed, mind you, but he does come inside at night. We are surrounded on three sides by a state park, and while we enjoy the foxes, deer, and raccoons, we’re a little on edge about the coyotes in the area. We also lost one cat to a hawk, which swooped down and took him right in front of us.

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