5 places to start decluttering

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As I was putting the house in order before Pesach, I was amazed, like I am every year, at the sheer amount of stuff that was going out for donation or recycling. The holiday is over, but I’m still decluttering, because I’ve started to overhaul the closets for summer.

I’ll tell you a dirty secret: the reason why I love decluttering so much is that I hate cleaning. Or, at least, I hate spending a lot of time on cleaning. The less stuff you have to take care of, the easier and more straightforward cleaning becomes.

So here are my suggestions on where to start freeing up valuable space.

  1. Closets. Most of us own stuff we’ve forgotten we have. Some of it can actually be put to good use. Other items go in the donation bag. Kids have things they have outgrown, socks with holes, and that shirt with paint stains I can never get completely clean.
  2. Kitchen cabinets. I’m a secret container addict and can never resist buying pickles in a pretty glass jar, then washing it and stashing it away for future use. While recycled glass is frugal and eco-friendly, at some point my jar collection threatens to take over my kitchen space.
  3. Toys and books. From my experience, only a handful of toys and games are worth keeping longterm. We get more gifts of toys and books than we can use, some of them double sets, and while I cherish every gesture of friendship, there’s only so much we can keep.
  4. Yard. For me, it’s extremely easy to forget everything that isn’t actually in the house. This includes cracked flower pots, broken tiles, and various odds and ends.
  5. Storage. It’s easy to forget about items that have been sitting in the depths of my storage shed for years. But storage isn’t supposed to be a “shove inside and forget” concept. It should be a convenient place for useful things that simply aren’t used regularly, or seasonal items like rubber boots and umbrellas.

With every trash bag that leaves my home, I feel like I can breathe a little easier. I hope I can stay in the momentum and keep gaining space, peace, and order.


Author: Anna

An Orthodox Jewish wife and mother enjoying a simple life with her family and chickens, somewhere in the hills, in Israel.

5 thoughts on “5 places to start decluttering”

  1. Hi Anna,

    I share your views on decluttering..is that the right spelling “decluttering”?

    Hope it forms into a habit in me.

    Pesach was spent with my grandchildren. They are still with us at our rustic,rustic home!

    You should see them ;Abigail,Gabriel,Rachel and Benjamin..African kids !

    Trying to isolate and keeping safe.



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  2. Boy! Can I relate to this! For a while it looked as if we were going to move, and after 47 years, come October, in the same house, the “stuff” has threatened to overpower us. With me, it’s sewing stuff – cross-stitch, doll clothes, costumes, patterns, lace, buttons, oy! For The Squire, it’s anything to do with building or repairing things – I am married to the Bent Nail and Scrap Lumber king of Greater Downtown Bradshaw! Of course, I am the Fabric Scrap Queen, so we’re even! And then there’s the doll house stuff. A lot of little bits, but they take up BIG space!

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