Super simple headbands

This season, I’m challenging myself to use up the yarn I have in my stash rather than keep drooling over delightful new yarn I’d love to order. So far, I’m pretty proud of myself. I’m fitting my stash into a compact storage space, I’m making useful things, and I’m being creative.

I’ve discovered headbands as a terrific way to use up half a skein of yarn (or less) when you don’t have enough for a hat. Headbands are cool accessories, work up quickly, and can function as earwarmers. They make great gifts or items for a craft booth when you need to make something quick.

My girls love their headbands and keep asking for more, although personally I’m ready to move on to more interesting stuff. These are literally simple rectangles, done in SC in the back loop, and sewed using the Simple Twist Headband method (look it up on YouTube).


Author: Anna

An Orthodox Jewish wife and mother enjoying a simple life with her family and chickens, somewhere in the hills, in Israel.

2 thoughts on “Super simple headbands”

  1. I don’t knit or crochet, but I’m also trying to use up my stash of fabric, mostly making doll clothes, since none of my pieces are large enough to do something “useful”. Of course, I need a spool of thread to match a particular length of fabric, and the elastic has lost its zing, and it is nearly impossible to go into the fabric store without finding something that catches my eye, and before you know it, we’re off to the races. The Powers that Be don’t like cloth masks, so I’d make a bunch of those. Oh, heck, maybe I’ll make a bunch anyway!

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    1. Dolls and doll clothes is another favorite of mine! I had made a bunch for the kids over the years. Every doll that has a ratty old outfit can be spruced up with a new little frock.
      Unfortunately, cloth masks don’t really stop any germs (whether surgical masks do it enough to justify mask mandates remains an open question).


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