Payhip Protest Book Sale


For a reason I cannot quite understand, Amazon has removed genuine, legitimate and helpful customer reviews from one of my books and refused to provide any real explanation to this. I know they are tightening their review policy to prevent paid and fake reviews, but I believe authors like me, who never use any paid promotion whatsoever and cherish every genuine review they get, don’t deserve such injustice.

Given this circumstance, I’d like to encourage anyone who might want to buy my books to do so directly via Payhip (unless, of course, you prefer a paper copy, in which case Amazon remains the only option). I am currently running a 50% discount on all the books in my Payhip store. Coupon code is 6318WQ1TAM and it will be valid until the end of the month.

Thank you, and you are very welcome to share this on your social media and/or blog.

PS: To those who have been asking me about my next planned book, The Basic Guide to Backyard Livestock, it will take quite a bit of time yet, but I’m having a lot of fun working on it.


Author: Anna

An Orthodox Jewish wife and mother enjoying a simple life with her family and chickens, somewhere in the hills, in Israel.

2 thoughts on “Payhip Protest Book Sale”

  1. Shalom Anna:

    Is there anything any of us can do to help with this? For example, can we write another positive review and submit it to Amazon? Also, would it help if we did submit a positive review and then watch for it. If Amazon deletes our review, could we contact Amazon and politely ask them why our review was deleted? Then, once they give the answer regarding trying to rid their site of any “paid for reviews”, could we then offer them the date in which we actually purchased the book from Amazon as well as the date in which we wrote and submitted our positive review. Then ask them how they make their determination for which reviews might possibly have been “paid for”. At that point, perhaps they could let us know how we can be cleared in their eyes, that we are just a normal customer, who purchased the book from them and liked the book very much! Enough so, that we wanted to write a review for the book and that we don’t want our review to be deleted after we take the time to think about what points we want to include about the book in our review and taking our time to type it and send it into them.

    If you think this would be helpful, I would be glad to do so. However, I first wanted to check with you because if you think this would impact you negatively, (since at least they are making your books available for sale on their site), then we would not want to upset them to the end that they would not be willing to make your books available for sale.

    So sorry to hear this development! Please advise us as to what you think would be best for your readers to either do or not do. I must confess, I did not even bother to look at the reviews that were written about your books prior to my purchase of all 3 of them. This was because I have been following you already via your blogs on these various topics and just wanted to have access to hear all that you had to share about these various topics! Since I do follow you via your blogs, I felt I already knew that you were an excellent writer, easy to read and interesting, giving information on these topics in which I was interested in learning more about! Therefore, the thought did not cross my mind to look for any reviews! Because of this, I don’t think that this will cause much of a decrease in sales of your books!

    The price that you have placed upon these books is very reasonable and even below the basic normal charge which others charge for their books of similar quality, content and pages. I really think that you will not have any problem selling your books for the prices you have been selling them at!

    You are an excellent writer and very knowledgeable regarding the topics of which you write about! Therefore, I do not think that you need to offer your books at only half of the regular price! I think that Amazon deleting your positive reviews like that, sort of shook your level of confidence at first, about selling your books. However, I just wanted to write to you some words of encouragement here! I hope that you will be encouraged by this and not be shaken or discouraged in writing these books and yes, selling them at the fair, reasonable and original price! Your time and work is well worth the original cost of each of the books you have for sale! If you sell them at only half of the original price, I believe you may step back and determine that it is not worth the time that it takes and then eventually stop writing these books! Then we would really have to “pay a steep price”! That “steep price” being that there would no longer be anymore
    books you have written available to us for sale! That, would be a tragedy!

    Not sure if others on here would agree with me or not? I would be interested though to know if others feel the same way?

    May The Almighty Bless You In Everything That You Set Your Hands To Do!

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    1. Tirtzah, thank you for your support! I know my books are reasonably priced, and indeed, for the paperbacks I have set almost the lowest possible list price. However, I wanted to do a limited time protest sale of my digital books.

      Yes, of course, I very much welcome Amazon reviews. I do realize my blog readers may purchase the books regardless, but other people are often guided by reviews.


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