First projects around the new place

In between unpacking, rearranging and painting, we are finally able to poke our noses out a bit and start getting a feel of what we can do around the place. I’m still majorly bummed out about all the concrete, but somewhat comforted by the empty plot the town council allowed us to use.


The fish tank. Gambusia fish for mosquito control were close to the top of our priority list, so here they are, thriving despite the humble look of their habitat. The tank looks somewhat weather beaten, but I intend to camouflage it with potted plants all around until we can work out something better.

Some garden photos. There is a bunch of plants waiting to be replanted, and a few others already in their permanent place. The soil here is very heavy clay with a strong tendency to retain water, so we’re adjusting our plans accordingly.

I look forward to posting more updates of our work on making this place homey and inviting.


Author: Anna

An Orthodox Jewish wife and mother enjoying a simple life with her family and chickens, somewhere in the hills, in Israel.

6 thoughts on “First projects around the new place”

  1. What are those purple plants in the bottom right-hand picture? They are intriguing. I like the idea of putting the flower pots around the yard. It gives you a chance to see how they will look, as well as finding out that there’s not enough/too much sun in a certain spot.
    That fish tank? Is that a recycled toilet? OK, it doesn’t exactly resemble American bowls, but it certainly have an odd shape.


    1. The purple plants are some decorative succulents… I’m not sure about the exact name, though.

      LOL! This tank is much, much bigger than a toilet bowl. It’s actually an old kiddie pool. Unsightly but functional.


      1. Thought I’d interject 😃 I have the purple plants here in N.C., US and we call them “Purple Heart” or “Purple Queen”. They are so easy to propagate; just pinch or cut a stem below a node and it will root a new plant. My mother just gave me a large bunch of them in a plastic bag…about a month ago..hehe..and I threw them in a wagon in the yard. They are so hardy! Still alive to plant just a few days ago when I finally got the time/mood to pot it. It even bloomed its purple flowers! Anyway, I used to work in a greenhouse and would cut hundreds of them off of a mother plant, for them to sell as individuals.

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  2. We are still S L O W L Y getting things in order at our daughter’s place…well, helping her do so…it is a big job when one moves, to figure out where to place things inside…much less get to the outside work!!

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