My first time making injera (with pictures)

Pop over to Mother Earth News to read about my first experience in making injera, a traditional Ethiopian fermented flatbread that forms the base of every meal (when I say base, I mean this literally, since injera also serves as the plate!):

Teff, Ethiopia’s traditional grain, has been enjoying its well-deserved spotlight as a recently discovered superfood. Teff is extremely healthy and nutritious, and certainly worth getting acquainted with. You can find teff in health food and ethnic stores. There is a darker variety and a lighter one, and it’s worth trying both to see which you like better.

The process, in pictures:


Starting the batter.


Day 3: Bubbles are the evidence of successful fermentation.


Day 4: Diluting the batter with water prior to cooking.


I let it cook a tad too long and it over-dried somewhat, but it was still really good, and I hope to do better next time.


Author: Anna

An Orthodox Jewish wife and mother enjoying a simple life with her family and chickens, somewhere in the hills, in Israel.

4 thoughts on “My first time making injera (with pictures)”

  1. Glad to see your experiment with Teff….we don’t do so hot with that, but we have lots of food allergies…so I am constantly trying out new or different ideas. Always glad to see what others are doing…thanks for sharing!! Did the kids like it too? I suppose you ate it with some meat, veggies, sauces etc?

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    1. Yes, the kids liked it as well – so much that I was surprised! We just ate it with dips like tahini, hummus, cream cheese dip, etc. Pretty much anything goes.


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