Using Up Yarn Scraps

I went to sleep after a lovely sunny day of working in the garden and pleasant outdoor time with my kids, in full expectation of doing some of the same tomorrow – but woke up to sounds of rolling thunder. This means a day of staying cozy inside, reading, many cups of tea and cocoa and, of course, crafts.

Speaking of which, pop over to read my latest Mother Earth News post, full of ideas on using up those little odds and ends of yarn that you surely have in your stash:

“If you are an avid knitter or crocheter like I am, you will inevitably at some point end up with a stash of scrap yarn, left over from various projects, which you cannot bear to throw away. Fear not, however – those little odds and ends can be used in a variety of creative ways which will leave your craft cabinet looking a lot more orderly.”

And, since freeing up space in your yarn stash is the perfect excuse to get new yarn, you might want to check the clearance page on LoveCrochet. All these lovelies just get me drooling.


Author: Anna

An Orthodox Jewish wife and mother enjoying a simple life with her family and chickens, somewhere in the hills, in Israel.

7 thoughts on “Using Up Yarn Scraps”

  1. I belong to a group that makes knitted and crocheted prayer shawls, which we mostly give to people who are going through a rough patch, but we’ve been known to give them to brides and new mums as well. Leftover yarn is used to make caps for babies and sleeves for dialysis patents. I use a round loom for the latter two projects, and it keeps my spirits up to do a project that doesn’t take forever to finish, the way a shawl does.

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      1. All it takes is a group of like-minded friends and a little advertising. Maybe a notice in the local grocery store or a free newspaper will do the trick. We meet on Monday evenings and Thursday mornings, so people can come according to their own schedules. We meet in our church’s fellowship hall, but if somebody has a large living room that would do. A pot of coffee and you’re good to go.

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