Just keep crafting


Latest creation, just completed yesterday: a pineapple crochet top made with the help of a diagram found on Pinterest. I made it with the last batch of yarn I got in town before the pandemic hit hard (I do have more yarn in my stash, don’t worry). I haven’t saved the label but any thread yarn will work for these kinds of high-definition patterns.

Around here, the government is trying to get back to business as usual too quickly, IMHO. I think there has been a lot of pressure originated in the false sense of security due to the relatively low number of deaths in Israel (200 total, or thereabouts). Preschools and first to third grades are going to reopen part-time starting Sunday and I can’t think of a more reckless and pointless move with which to restart the economy.

Fact: young kids can’t really be trusted in matters of hygiene and social distancing.

Another fact: Because of lack of teachers (due to smaller classes and older and at-risk teachers still staying home), children won’t be in school enough hours per week to allow working parents to return to their jobs.

Conclusion: this arrangement is just enough to promote the spread of the virus but not to be of any practical help for the economy.

There is a lot of talk about how children “need” to be in a school setting, how it’s a matter of “mental health” to get them back into classrooms even part-time. This is simply the result of a rigid mindset that knows no different and doesn’t wish to think outside the box. Countless families around the globe homeschool. Their children do just fine academically and socially. I think our Ministry of Education should have considered that fact before pushing for such huge risks.

Yes, our children will be staying home anyway, but this means that we, too, are going to be at a higher risk of infection as everyone will be cross-contaminated through schools.


Author: Anna

An Orthodox Jewish wife and mother enjoying a simple life with her family and chickens, somewhere in the hills, in Israel.

8 thoughts on “Just keep crafting”

  1. It certainly does seem like a poor decision. I really understand the difficult position working parents are in, but as you said, this decision doesn’t even allow them to return to work. Mental health wise, being out of school has been surprisingly beneficial for us, especially for my kids. Honestly, I don’t know if we will be sending them back when things do reopen.

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  2. I think the stress level would be better keeping the kids home yet awhile…rather than worrying over them. Schools do not take that great of care anyway, even with asthmatic kids…I know as I have 2 grandkids, both with asthma and allergies…and the school does not take great care of them. But then, we must not expect non-parents to care all that much anyway.

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  3. I am rethinking school vs. home school too. My grandchildren are doing better at home. They get their work done in half the time and get much more fresh air, and they seem happier and calmer.

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  4. I agree completely. There’s no telling what sort of “germ soup” the children will bring home from school. You said the Ministry of Education (that sounds like something out of a Harry Potter book!) backed down over telling you how to homeschool, so maybe there will be enough public pressure to change their minds about this, as well.

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    1. So far, they are delaying the opening of schools and preschools again. But either way it seems like parents who don’t choose to send their children at this dangerous time will not be compelled to do so.

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