Change of Seasons shawl


I made this shawl a while ago, but haven’t had the chance to share it yet. With its hues of green and brown, it reminds me of spring and fresh grass, so I called it Change of Seasons shawl.

Materials: one skein of Papatya Angora. I loved working with this yarn: very fine, soft and warm. The color gradient changed beautifully and there were no knots.

Pattern: Fall River Shawl by Katya Novikova (free)

I hope everyone is keeping well and safe. I had to make a trip to town today (not my choice) and it was eerie. Almost all the stores closed and everyone hurrying to do their business and go. A disturbing sight – but not nearly as disturbing as the news of our government caving in to pressure and agreeing to open businesses, preschools, and partially schools. I believe wise people will continue to shelter and minimize outside business whether the law compels them to do so or not.

Stay safe and healthy!


Author: Anna

An Orthodox Jewish wife and mother enjoying a simple life with her family and chickens, somewhere in the hills, in Israel.

8 thoughts on “Change of Seasons shawl”

  1. beautiful shawl…you are an expert!! Yea, had to go after meds today…do you think the insurance company would EVER ALLOW US TO PICK THEM UP ALL ON ONE TRIP??? So I found out one today that they were being nasty about (ins. company) I could pay out of pocket and it was only $16.30 for 90 days!! Guess what I did? For saving maybe $5 or so, twas more than worth not having the hassle to just pay it!! Happily so!! But I wonder WHY we are paying for insurance…very expensive insurance I add??

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      1. I truly wish America had universal health! (Me and 300 million other people!) Most folks get their health insurance though their employer, and if they are sick for too long, the company drops them What good is health insurance that isn’t there when you need it?

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      2. Yes! And what about all those cases where people paid for insurance out of pocket only to have it wriggle out when they needed it?


  2. I used to work for a major health insurance company. Most of the time, we did pay as promised, but sometimes people didn’t read their handbook and then got angry at us. It took patience on both the insured and the service rep to get things untangled.

    And the questions we got! I always swore that someday I was going to write a book called “Does Anybody Here Speak English”!

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      1. One memorable call involved a student policy. this was really low cost, ultra basic coverage, simply because college students are generally pretty healthy. At that time, kids came off their parents’ program when they turned 19, but that has changed. The policy also did NOT include maternity care, and this was stated several times in the brochure, and we always made a point to mention it when we discussed it over the phone.

        A mum called in to complain that we had not covered any of her daughter’s bill for delivering her baby. I reminded her that the student policy didn’t cover maternity care, and she agreed with that. “But I thought you’d at least pay for her room and board, just not the delivery and nursery charges.” C’mon lady, if she hadn’t been delivering she wouldn’t have been there at all.

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