Little peeps


So guess how we have been keeping busy lately? Check out some of our new arrivals, just hatched yesterday and overnight. We have a few more eggs in the incubator in various stages of hatching and are hope all the chicks make it out fine.


And here is a quail chick – unfortunately, out of the batch of quail eggs, only one proved fertile. You can see this tiny bumblebee-sized chick next to a chicken chick for size comparison. We hope to get some more quail chicks, but so far, it seems content with its larger companion and they snuggle up nicely together under the heating lamp.

Hope everyone is doing well! We’ve finally had a break from the heat and enjoyed some refreshing rain this morning.


Author: Anna

An Orthodox Jewish wife and mother enjoying a simple life with her family and chickens, somewhere in the hills, in Israel.

6 thoughts on “Little peeps”

  1. Goodness! That quail is tiny! It makes sense, of course, because the eggs are so small, but comparing your Bumble Bee to a regular chick (Is that a Wyandotte?) is really amazing. We raised chicken when I was little; the biggest problem was trying to keep my hands to myself. Left to my own devices, I’d have loved the poor things to death.

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    1. Those are just regular backyard mutts. I’d love me some Wyandottes, though apparently they are a bit delicate: a neighbor tells me he lost a pair to heat last week, while his other chickens – he keeps different breeds – bore it fine.
      Haha, I know what you mean. No way my kids can keep away from those chicks. So I just delegate supervising to the older girls, who are very careful.


      1. Haha…funny bird!! I wonder if it will decide it is a chicken at some point? My dad had ducks and chickens, a few turkeys once etc…but the ducks were terrible mothers…so he stuck duck eggs under a hen. Well, all was well for a couple days until they walked past a mud puddle…the ducks promptly dove in…and the hen ran around screeching and calling to no avail. End of that experiment. Only way that could work is if they were kept penned up and my dad let them all roam around.

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