Why I’m probably going to wait before getting a COVID vaccine

Warning: this might be a bit of a controversial post (something I don’t really do anymore these days!)

Like everyone else, I’ve been hit by the COVID-19 pandemic. And like everyone else, I’d just love to get my life back.

I don’t think COVID is a hoax. I’m not really into conspiracy theories. I am a very run-of-the-mill person. I vaccinate my kids (with a slightly delayed schedule for newborns).

But I would still rather wait a while before lining up for a COVID-19 vaccine. Here’s why.

In the past months, the world has been pretty much obsessed with the upcoming vaccines and when oh when we can get them, and whether Pfizer’s or Moderna’s is more effective. There’s been a lot of indignation about knowing that there won’t be enough vaccine stock for everyone at once, and a whole lot of arguments about who gets first priority.

There’s been a lot of talk about “emergency approval” (fancy word for cutting corners with trials and testing) and doing it all fast, fast, and FASTER.

The comments from more cautious people saying, “but wait, maybe we need more trials” are pushed to the bottom of talkback lists and the people writing them are labeled as whackos.

The novel vaccines (actually labeled “revolutionary” by their makers) were judged as being “safe to use” with suspicious speed. And there has been talk about making them mandatory.

I doubt anyone will be coming to round us up and tie us to chairs to get us vaccinated. But people who would rather wait a bit before trying a new, only recently tested vaccine might find themselves facing serious limitations in travel, employment, and their children’s education.

When you Google “covid vaccine side effects” you get the typical list of vaccine side effects (swelling, redness, slight fever, etc) but nothing about longer-term possible implications. Why? Because there simply hasn’t been enough time to test them yet. COVID has been with us less than a year.

I’d like to wait at least a year to see some conclusive, nonbiased research on the effects of various COVID vaccines on pregnant women, children, and immunocompromised groups. We’re being told that governments and the WHO have given the green light. They claim it’s safe.

But the thing is, they really, really, REALLY WANT it to be safe.

Governments want to reopen the economy with no limitations. They want to make sure the hospitals aren’t overwhelmed. They want the unemployment rates to go down. They think in global terms.

As an individual, I would rather live another year or two with masks and social distancing than take the risk of an insufficiently tested vaccine. Why do I say “insufficiently”? Because there simply hasn’t been enough time.

Here is one of the few articles I’ve found with a safe, balanced approach towards the COVID vaccine. Neither an “avoid all vaccines like the devil” nor “let me be the first to get it”.

So I’m just going to do something very conservative. Wait and watch. And I know many people around the globe are thinking along the same lines, though we might be a bit of a silent group.


Author: Anna

An Orthodox Jewish wife and mother enjoying a simple life with her family and chickens, somewhere in the hills, in Israel.

22 thoughts on “Why I’m probably going to wait before getting a COVID vaccine”

  1. A very sensible approach.
    BUT, there are a few problems with that approach. While in Israel, it still may be possible to “wait and see,” albeit with severe restrictions on just about everything; in other countries, the citizens may not even be given such an option.
    Please see America’s vaccine plan here:

    Doesn’t it make you wonder why something supposedly so safe and good should have to be so forced or coerced upon us???
    Let’s also not forget about the depopulation agenda, which is coincidentally preached by many of the very same vaccine pushers, Hmmm.
    I would like to leave you with one last thought which I have heard from a mother who has unfortunately suffered with some vaccine damaged children, “You do not yet know what a healthy child is. Only a parent who has vaccinated some kids and not others can truly understand the difference.”
    May the L-rd have mercy on us and on all of mankind and rid all this evil from the world very soon, amen.

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    1. It’s a scary prospect for sure. But I hope that the voices of reason and moderation will sound more strongly and insist on scrupulous trials and less rush.


  2. One of my children was very damaged with vaccines too…and no I did not connect those dots…MY DOCTOR DID!! Who happened to really care about us and thus she only had half of them, and who knows if she would have survived at all, had that happened. A caring doctor is almost NEVER the case in medicine these days, especially here in USA once you reach retirement age. SO FAR, in Britain the first 100 who took the vaccine, are all dead…died within 7 days. Which, in a way, is better than dealing with lingering health problems the rest of your life. My husband is in ill health, going downhill, from a drug he was given 7 yrs ago now. I do not trust the pharmaceuticals. And frankly? Anything Bill Gates is pushing is VERY suspect indeed…and I have many reasons for how I feel about him, including some personal reasons I will not put online. Thank you. But be prepared, if you do take those shots, I hope you will have your burial plots planned out and some kind of funeral plan in place. Wise to prepare. There is not a doubt that some will meet their MAKER very soon now. And having lost a brother at a young age and watching my mom grieve the entire rest of her life, I do not wish that on anyone!! Because perhaps there will be some who can survive that shot…but just what would you do, if you were the only one who did and lost all your children? I am wondering too, with the prohibitions against even eating blood products…how does one justify before G-D placing those vaccines in the body, all of which I understand contain some parts of animals??? Just wondering…though it may not matter…we may be forced here anyway…at some point. I think there are LOTS in our area who will run a foot race in order to get in line for them once they are offered, however. So hopefully we will be allowed to LET those volunteers go for it…

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      1. One source is a Brit who currently lives in Spain, but has traveled extensively in his work and knows people….he allows many on his show too, which I appreciate in that whether he agrees with them, or not, he still allows them to speak. Something that has nearly gone extinct in this country, free speech. Then there are plenty of doctors I have listened to online with all kinds of cautions and remarks about covid in general too. Some whom have lost their license to practice. One person who has extensive experience is Dr. Judy Mikovitz…she worked with Fauci and other names big on this parade of late. I would recommend listening to her first… Even a lesser health issue such as my child has suffered (still has health issues and always will I expect…she is now 37) is enough of a reason to NOT vaccinate, in my opinion. Her doctor as an infant had a baby also about the same age, had the very same health issues…and a friend with a boy the same age, also had similar issues…so it is possible that whatever vaccine they were given was especially bad…but even 3 people is enough in my view, to NOT continue…but here we are…and not only are they giving vaccines, kids today get horrendous amounts more than did our kids. One interesting note is that my friend’s baby and my doctor’s baby were also different races than are we…so they were not even alike in that manner….just saying…


      2. Hubby just saw this report…am sending you link…hopefully you can watch it before it gets removed from online. This is Dr. Pierre Kory, MD reporting before our Senate a few hours ago. While this is not on vaccines, it is on effective treatment…funny the drug he is recommending is one we used in treating animals, back in our 4H days. I was not aware it was used with humans too…but you need to know this in case someone you know falls ill. Here is the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tq8SXOBy-4w


      3. Anna, I agree, that doctor was indeed very brave…time will tell how he does…
        The other commenter explains another view well…and what I see as generally dividing people on just about any issue we can think about, is simply experience. I was a MOST dutiful mom, and had my older 2 kids vaccinated as recommended at that time. My 3rd came along some later…and I think likely the vaccines were made differently then…at least some ingredients were. I have a nurse friend who has made me think less kindly to the idea of vaccines too…from all her work and observations from her many years of working in the medical field. On that and other medical issues as well. It used to be that physicians could be mostly trusted to adhere to this principle:
        “physician do no harm”. But now the incentives are so huge, most cannot walk away from becoming the main supporter of the pharmaceutical companies. One of my doctors who was also my friend, explained how much she turned down, because as she said, “I will NOT give out prescriptions for anything unless I believe it works.” But she was one of a kind in that area anyway. One of the biggest griefs of my life has been having to watch my baby suffer from the age of 4 months, when her first vaccine had thrown her into full blown asthma. Try taking care of a baby with that…if you think it easy or fun, you best think again. That is the tip of the iceberg for her however, in all the things she continues to deal with. My husband and I worry over whatever will she do if she can no longer work. We do not have enough income to fully support her and all the necessary things she needs to live as well as she can. She has not married. So we pray G-D will help her and enable her to keep on working and supporting herself. We help her all we can, now mostly that is financially, as we live so far away now. Our story is not unique either…plenty out there with even larger problems with health. It used to be that you could trust others. But never has that been less true I think. Finding a good doctor becomes nearly impossible when you are old too…or maybe at any age. Most do not have much time to research I think, and it is hard to keep up with all out there. I am grateful for the internet because at least we can do some checking on our own, and believe me, in my family we do so. Maybe if we had researched better, and my husband had not taken the drug CIPRO some 7 years ago, he would not be a near invalid now either. Not fun for him, OR FOR ME, the somewhat caregiver. It has continued making his tendons break…at times I hear it as he turns over in bed even. NOT FUN…and they KNEW it was a very dangerous drug and it was given for a minor infection. I could say more…but enough for now…

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      4. I think the key here is lack of transparency. Like with the covid vaccine, they are saying “we are going to have to campaign to overcome public resistance” and I’m like, why? Just be transparent and show it’s safe. Once you can do it, people will get it.


  3. I am cautious, too. I am not anti-vaccine, but I don’t think they are all without harm, either. It’s something we all need to decide on, based on our own knowledge of our own health (or our children, if we are parents).

    In this case, we are talking about the sudden development of a vaccine for a retrovirus. RNA based viruses, such as coronaviruses, behave differently than DNA based viruses. They mutate more quickly. Companies and researchers have been trying to develop vaccines for them with basically no success. For one strain I’d read about some time ago, a company basically gave up after 10 years, because they realized it just wasn’t going to happen. This is why we have vaccines for the flu, but not the common cold. A coronavirus are among those responsible for the common cold.

    And now, suddenly, a vaccine for a retrovirus was developed in a matter of *months* and they’re insisting it’s safe? Even if it wasn’t for a retrovirus, I’d be concerned about a virus that was developed and used on people in such a short time. There’s a reason it takes years to develop a vaccine; it takes years to understand its effects and possible harm, before they are even tested on humans. They’re skipping so many steps to get this out there… and it’s for an RNA based virus. This just doesn’t pass the smell test. Add in all the legal protections the companies are promised, so they can’t be sued if something does go wrong… that just shows me they are very aware how risky this all is. The experimentation is still happening. It’s just that humans are the test subjects at the start of the process, instead of the end.

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  4. 1) Articles of deaths following vaccinations, 2) A host of side-effects, 3) One friend was told he had to sign a waiver against law suits should he suffer terribly or die, and 4) Some talks about the vaccine affecting dna.

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