Peachicks and incubator woes

Newly hatched peachicks

What can be worse than finally getting hold of some long-awaited and valuable eggs, only to have your incubator go bonkers on you in the middle of the hatch?

Yup. The trusted old incubator finally fluked, at the worst possible moment. Of course we did a test run, as always. But sometime about a week before due hatching date, I was horrified to discover that the thermostat went crazy and the eggs overheated. Then the temperature dropped. Then shot up again. We managed to stabilize it in the end, but still, only three eggs hatched out of the seven I was anxiously watching. I counted myself lucky, considering everything.

The problems didn’t end there. One of the peas had the worst case of curled toes I have ever seen. Luckily, fixing the toes in proper position with a bit of cellotape helped. I wish I had taken photos – I was so relieved to see that chick standing and walking!

I’ll post more updates on the progress of these little guys soon, hopefully.


Author: Anna

An Orthodox Jewish wife and mother enjoying a simple life with her family and chickens, somewhere in the hills, in Israel.

2 thoughts on “Peachicks and incubator woes”

  1. Aw! Are they baby peafowl? They are so cute! Are you raising them for the eggs or for pets or what?

    We recently stayed on an island off the coast of Florida which had a large feral peafowl population. The island decided to cull all of the peahens but left the peacocks. The air is now filled with the mournful cries of very frustrated peacocks. We even witnessed a couple of peacock fights.


    1. Yes, these are baby peafowl and they make wonderful pets. We plan to keep them and, if we have a pair, possibly breed them.

      So sad to hear that the peacocks lost all their mates on that island. I love to see a peacock showing off his tail before admiring hens.


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