Crochet hat with Malabrigo Worsted: yarn review

I thought this hat would take me a few days at most to put together. Worsted weight yarn with a super simple pattern – what could possibly take too long? But, given my recent disproportionate workload and a couple of kids with temporary health issues, I spent a couple of weeks working on this little piece. I pulled it out to crochet a couple of rows on any errand that stalled and on any occasional bus ride.

Here’s a view of the hat before I attached the pom my daughter selected.

Crochet hook: 3.5 mm for the brim, 4 mm for the body.

Pattern: None to speak of. Done from the bottom up, like my other hats, starting with a stretchy ribbing brim (single crochet in back loop only). Body: three front post double crochets and one back post double crochet all the way. Freehand decrease.

I used exactly one hank of Malabrigo Worsted, another dreamlike yarn by Malabrigo, for this project. Let me just say a few words about this amazing yarn.

First, working with Worsted is probably the closest you can get to crocheting off a real live sheep. This yarn is 100% lush merino, not superwash (if you want a superwash variety, try Malabrigo Washted or another type of superwash merino), from sustainably and humanely raised, pastured Uruguayan sheep. It delights the crafter with a beautiful halo and delicious softness. It has a gorgeous stitch definition and is perfect for showing off stitchwork, cables, and textures.

Now for the downside. With all my weakness for super soft single-ply yarns, I’ll be the first to admit Worsted probably won’t stand up to hard wear, which is why I’d use it for something that may expect gentle use, like a hat or cowl, but definitely not a sweater.

Second, the uniformity of thickness was really off. Sometimes it would come closer to super bulky, while at others it resembled more of a sport weight yarn.

Malabrigo Worsted comes in a range of stunning colors. I used Damask Rose, a would-be solid muted pink that offers delightful, subtle variation.

Do I plan to buy more of this yarn? Yes, definitely yes!


Author: Anna

An Orthodox Jewish wife and mother enjoying a simple life with her family and chickens, somewhere in the hills, in Israel.

7 thoughts on “Crochet hat with Malabrigo Worsted: yarn review”

  1. Wow, that’s lovely! I was just thinking about what my next project will be as I finish up my current one. Having not done hats before, it looks like the brim ribbing was done with short rows til it was the right length to wrap around the wearer’s head. Then the ends are attached and you work the body up from one edge of the brim? Is that right? Not sure if my attempt at description makes sense!


      1. Ok, thanks Anna! That’s a smart way to make sure it fits properly. I love that colour, and I keep thinking about trying Malabrigo yarns since that shawl you mentioned previously. Maybe this hat is up next!

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  2. Anna, I took your advice: you are right! I do love it! There’s no Rios available here, only Washted, so that’s what I’m using. Using your hat directions to see what I can come up with. (I’m going to call it my borshch hat because the colour, “Heirloom Vegetable,” makes me think of borshch every time I pick it up hahah!)You’re right tho…the yarn is soft and light and lovely in every way. And the stitch definition…wow.

    Will report back soon when the hat is done.


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