6 great reasons to grow geraniums

Spring is here, which in Israel means a brief respite of pleasant weather before a 6-month stretch of unbearable heat. But my geraniums won’t mind: just give them enough water, and they’ll thrive through the summer.

That’s reason one why I love geraniums so much. They’re hardy. I don’t do well with any plants that are too delicate or too particular about their growing condition.

The second reason, which should actually get a bump up to the top of the list, is the color. Geraniums add the most vivid splashes of color to any flowerbed or balcony. This hot pink you see above is my favorite, but you also get orange, red, pale pink, and other stunning color variations.

Third, geraniums smell great, especially rose-scented geraniums like the one here:

I keep mine in a cage because the chickens really love to snack on it, but I’ll soon need to find another solution because it grows really fast!

Reason four, geraniums are super easy to propagate. Just stick a cutting in damp soil and keep it moist:

You can make lots of cute geranium seedlings to give as gifts or sell.

Five, geraniums make a wonderful refreshing herbal infusion that is great for colds, inflammation, or immune system reinforcement.

Six, geraniums repel insects. Plant some and enjoy fewer mosquitoes in your garden on hot summer nights.

Did I forget any perks of this popular plant? Tell me in the comments!


Author: Anna

An Orthodox Jewish wife and mother enjoying a simple life with her family and chickens, somewhere in the hills, in Israel.

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